Store Credit 

When will I receive my store credit?

We issue store credit within 1-2 business days for returned items upon arriving back to our warehouse in the form of an e-gift card that does not expire.

How can I find my store credit?
Store credit email will be send to you automatically to the same email that you used to place your order which includes a code consisting of random numbers and letters.

How can I use/apply my store credit at checkout?

Please find the step by step instructions on how to use your gift card/store credit at checkout.

How long is my store credit valid for?
Our store credit does not expire and you can use it at any time to exchange or re-purchase any item/size that you love.

How many times can I use my store credit to exchange?
There is no limit on the number of times that you can use your store credit/gift card to exchange, however, we reserve the right to stop service to any customers if an excessive amount of exchanges incurs on the same gift card.

Can I use my store credit on other websites other than Unmatched BYU?
Unmatched BYU store credit is exclusive and can only be used on our official website