We do honor all our customers and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any issues with your purchase please reach out to us first and we will do our best to assist you with your situation and provide you with a satisfactory solution and help you as much as we can. We are dedicated to give you the best service and we will do our best to be fair to you, we hope you will be fair to us as well.

In cases of chargebacks we will be evaluating each case. however, our team will not tolerate any false or fraudulent claims and will take all necessary legal action to dispute such claims.

By visiting our website and/ or having purchased something from us, you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by our store policies. We display our website's terms and condition as well as store return, exchange and refund policies in compliance with all U.S. commercial laws and we make our policies visible and easily accessible by including their links on our website's main menu, footer, as well as on every product page.

Friendly Chargebacks:
In cases where you have not recognized a charge on your statement or filed a chargeback by mistake or if filed a chargeback prior to contacting us, then you should reach out to our customer care team immediately and inform us with the issue in order to get assistance and our we will do our best to resolve your issue and work with you to cancel the chargeback. Failure to contacting us and/or canceling the chargeback will result in our legal team disputing back the charges and escalating the issue to the banking institutions which would usually result and longer and costlier process.

What Chargebacks are NOT Honored as Valid by Our Legal Team
  • A customer does not wish to honor our store credit-only return policy for clothing items and files a chargeback claiming a false reason to get their money back.
  • Any fraudulent claims with the intention to steal any merchandize or services provided by our store without paying for it.
  • Any chargebacks claims after a fraudulent use of our products, like sending back a used product or sending back products with no security tags attached.
  • Any chargebacks claims after intentionally damaging the product.
  • Any chargebacks claiming that your package has not been delivered or in cases where you cannot locate your package. (such issues should be handled with the shipping courier by contacting them first, we are not responsible for any lost, damaged packages during the shipping process or any losses once they leave our warehouses in original and new conditions).

What Happens When a Customer Files a Chargeback for an Invalid, False, or a Fraudulent Reason:

All false or fraudulent chargebacks will be disputed by our legal team immediately and for all chargebacks that we win back will result in the re-activation of a customer's store credit minus 50% fee of the total amount plus any expenses incurred during the chargeback to recover for the time and resources spent during the process.

Chargeback Dispute / Legal Process:

Our legal team will immediately dispute any chargeback claims and provide evidence to the involved banking institution regarding the transaction details, documentation of product fulfillment and product conditions when sent out from our warehouses, detailed client communication history including IP's, Identification and tracking information and provide evidence of our store policies and terms and conditions as displayed on our website in accordance with the U.S. commercial laws.

Damaged Products / (intentional or unintentional damage or usage signs) / Security Tags:
Any intentional or unintentional damages to our products are not accepted and cannot qualify for a return. In additions, we seal our products with 360 ID Security Tags and any items missing the 360 ID Security tags cannot be returned or exchanged. Any items that have sign of usage, deodorant, odors, stitches, rips or other damages cannot be return or exchanged.


Please contact your bank immediately via call and inform them with your desire to cancel the chargeback. For some banks, you can also cancel the chargebacks via their website or app but the best way is always to call them.

Our team will issue your store credit back minus 50% plus any charges within 2-4 business days from the resolution date unless agreed otherwise in friendly chargeback situations.

If you have any questions please contact us via info@unmatchedbyu.com